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OKLAHOMA ENTERTAINMENT ALLIANCE is the hub for the growing industry in the state. We are a community of like-minded entertainment professionals that are dedicated to elevating Oklahoma's entertainment industry. Founded by Rachel Cannon and Amy Janes out of a desire to connect the dots across the state, they have been supported by all the amazingly talented and driven folks that call Oklahoma their home. 


When you have a vision, you have to see it through, and you can make anything happen. You really can, especially in this [entertainment ] industry. 


Chelsea Handler

Our Mission

CREATE more work opportunities in Oklahoma for film, TV and music.

BUILD national awareness to spotlight Oklahoma as a viable entertainment location.

CONNECT us as a community of peers while elevating our industry by mentoring the next generation of entertainment professionals. 


Our Vision

Growing a healthy industry in Oklahoma that will support our community, encouraging skilled assets to stay here while attracting new

assets to the state.